Franklin Armory Introduces The New DFM Magazine For California

    In before the jokes about “Comiefornia” and whatever else clever jokes you have about the overly regulated state. I feel for our shooting brethren that have to deal with the laws that were recently put in place. As much as I want to scream and yell about the insanity of the whole thing we don’t do politics here.

    Franklin Armory has rolled out a solution for those in California that are in need of a compliant rifle that requires apparently no modification. The new mag is a rather clever design that has two tabs that prevent it from being inserted or removed from the bottom of the rifle. They also reversed the mag catch cutout to allow it to be loaded from the top of the receiver.

    This design requires the shooter to open the receiver halves to change mags, this complying with the new CA law as far as I am aware. As always I would recommend consulting a lawyer (the less soul they have the better) to ensure that this is 100% compliant. After all, gun laws are nothing to joke about.

    MSRP is $25.99, a bit on the steep side, but well below the cost of other options that bring an AR-15 within compliance. Enjoy the below video, they do a wonderful job of laying out how it works. Visit Franklin Armory’s page for the DFM magazine to learn more.

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