The V6 Muzzle Brake From Carlsons Tactical

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H

The V6 is a new muzzle brake manufactured by V6 Industries. It is a huge muzzle device with three ports on top of it and set of three chambers on sides facing up and rearward. The muzzle brake is made in the USA. It is machined on a 5-axis CNC machine from billet 4140 steel and has a black oxide coating.

According to the manufacturer, V6 virtually eliminates the muzzle rise no matter what load is used. Depending on the load it also reduces the felt recoil by 70-80%.

The brake is offered for the following shotguns: Kel-Tec KSG, Saiga 12, FosTech Origin-12 and Vepr 12. For all mentioned shotguns it has the same MSRP of $189.95. They also offer a version for .308 caliber rifles, which is priced at $169.95. Judging from the list of products with “coming soon” status, they are planning to make V6 brakes for a variety of rifles. They’ll probably come with offerings for AR-15s, AR-10s, as well as a bunch of caliber specific brakes – from .17HMR all the way to .50BMG.

The V6 brake is not ammo sensitive and can be run with all kind of standard shotgun loads. It comes in a cardboard box with a small amount of red Turbo-Lock thread locking compound.

Here are a couple of videos showing how to install the V6 brake on a Kel-Tec KSG shotgun and how it performs:

I don’t know exactly, but I guess the name “V6” is because of the similarity of brake’s appearance with a six cylinder V engine block:


V6 Industries

Phone: 972-808-7504

Hrachya H
Hrachya H

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  • Atmar Atmar on Feb 03, 2017

    i wonder if it will fit my spas 12....

  • RealitiCzech RealitiCzech on Feb 04, 2017

    That many ports. For a 12ga shotgun comp. Whose pressures are lower than that of a .455 Webley.

    • GunFun ZS GunFun ZS on Feb 06, 2017

      @RealitiCzech yep. My testing showed that with most loads, only ports in about the first inch and a quarter past the muzzle were doing any significant work. The rest are mostly bulk and marketing.