Florida Man Accused Of Shooting At Cows With AR-15

    In a bizarre news story, WFTV reports that a man named Elvis was arrested by Flordia Highway Patrol for shooting at cows with an AR-15 on the Flordia Turnpike. If you pay attention to the news, there is no shortage of interesting and humorous “Florida Man” news stories, some of them far more bizarre than others.

    Apparently, a 30 year old man named Elvis Antonio Artola was hanging out of the passenger side of a friend’s car and shooting a rifle from a highway near the Osceola Parkway. Troopers pulled him over and asked what happened, Elvis responded with “I don’t know.” He then proceeded to resist arrest.

    Never change Flordia, never change. Sadly there was no mention or photo of the rifle released, but I fully expect it to have a cheap and terrible scope on top, plastic handguards, and at least two lasers. Or maybe one of those terrible scopes with a laser or two built in. I would be truly saddened if the rifle didn’t have some sort of bipod attached as well, preferably one that is also a forward grip.

    You can read more about the story on the WFTV new site HERE or check out the Flordia man sub-Reddit HERE. It can and will provide minutes of entertainment.