Firearms at Davos summit meeting

    As the World leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 in Davos, Switzerland, were busy improving the state of the world there was a great opportunity for firearms paparazzis and spotters to have a look at what’s protecting the VIPs.

    The featured image below is like something taken out of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, but behind the mask is most likely just another frozen serviceman.

    This photo is from previous years. I think this is a stock from B&T, to accommodate for a helmet. Left firearm is a MP5 I guess due to the magazines. This stock seems to be used on some of the SIGs as well.

    The Swiss Army uses SG 550, SG 552 and SG 553. Exactly what is used by the Swiss Police is a bit harder to find out, or my Google-fu is too weak.

    B&T describes the stock: “Helmet Stock – This stock will enable the operator to use the firearm while properly wearing a ballistic face visor. This important safety feature is becoming more and more standard among many special teams worldwide. There have been several tragic instances where a fully protected team member has been shot in the face when the visor was in the raised position in order to properly sight the weapon. The stock works equally well with a protective mask or SCUBA gear.”

    SIG and what looks like Aimpoint Micro and a magnifier. I think this is a SG 552 Commando with 226 mm (8.9″) barrel, laser designator and flashlight. If the shot is anywhere near what’s pictured, I can see better solutions but they seem to be around anyway.

    Below: B&T Rotex-V sound suppressor on a SIG SG-552 Commando. Great little rifle actually, but the trigger takes a bit of getting used to.

    They don’t seem to use active hearing protection.


    Possibly a SIG 751 in 7,62 NATO. Scope with zoom.

    SIG 751 I think, with bipod, hiding behind the “O”.


    The SG751 is a gas operated weapon with rotary bolt mechanism.

    Below: SG550. The handguard is a bit different from the 751, for instance.


    In terms of sniper rifle, it seems the Police force went for another Swiss solution, this time from B&T.

    Here you can see the B&T sniper rifle APR308 cal. .308 Win.         

    Above: Note the blue Zeiss logotype.

    The B&T APR is an €6900 and intended to be used by military and law enforcement professionals. It was specially designed as a sniper system not just a rifle and is ready to shoot right out of the box. The APR is available in the two most widely used and best rated sniper calibers, the .308 Win (7.62 x 51 mm) and the .338 Lapua Magnum (8.6 x 70 mm).

    Picture: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

    Now you know what is hiding underneath.

    From the feature image. Apart from what already has been written, I bet that is a B&T vertical front grip.

    From previous years. Looks like an ACOG.

    Below: Not sure what this is. An old style 40 mm grenade launcher?

    The extra security cost for this year’s World Economic Forum is said to cost around 9 million USD.

    Eric B

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