Chris Kyle “The Legend” Tribute Rifle Set

    Texas declared February 2nd as Chris Kyle Day (lookout Punxsutawney Phil). Like him or not, Chris Kyle is definitely one of the influential people in the military community, and his legacy has created a lasting benefit in the form of family support for military and first responders. So it somewhat fitting that a set of limited custom tribute rifles have been created to both honor him and provide for support to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

    These rifles were customized by Allegiant Rifleworks, and were built, and provided, by Cobalt Kinetics. There are only 250 sets available, and each set contains four very different rifles, all themed, and individually crafted.

    Taya Kyle with Skyler (Cobalt Kinetics) and Adam (Allegiant Rifleworks)

    Taya Kyle with Skyler (Cobalt Kinetics) and Adam (Allegiant Rifleworks). Image from T4 Photos

    Signature Series

    "Signature Series" SPR.

    “Signature Series” SPR. Image from T4 Photos

    The Signature Series is the centerpiece of this collection, and sports a number of distinguished features, and built around the concept of a “special purpose” rifle. Chambered in 5.56/.223, the Signature Series has an 18″ stainless-steel, fluted button rifled barrel.

    Smith Vortex Flash Hider.

    Smith Vortex Flash Hider.  Image from T4 Photos

    It features the Cobalt Kinetic “pro” machined hand guard as well as their adjustable stock (that they premiered at SHOT 2016). It includes an ATC Gold Trigger, nickel-boron bolt carrier group, and a Smith Vortex flash hider.

    Adjustable Stock.

    Adjustable Stock. Image from T4 Photos

    Allegiant Rifleworks did the base Cerakote in “midnight bronze” and polished the accents, using stainless stainless-steel hardware.

    Laser etching of Chris Kyle's signature.

    Laser etching of Chris Kyle’s signature. Image from T4 Photos

    The Signature Series actually features a laser etching of his signature on the grip (to the lower receiver), and also premiers a custom logo-being first featured on this rifle.

    "Chris Kyle The Legend" Logo premiering on this rifle.

    “Chris Kyle The Legend” Logo premiering on this rifle. Image from T4 Photos

    "God * Country * Family" motto etched onto the hand guard.

    “God * Country * Family” motto etched onto the hand guard. Image from T4 Photos

    SEAL Trident on the butt pad.

    SEAL Trident on the butt pad. Image from T4 Photos


    The "Chief" tiger striped rifle in 6.8 SPC.

    The “Chief” tiger striped rifle in 6.8 SPC. Image from T4 Photos

    Those who served with Chris referred to him as Chief.

    The “Chief” Rifle is a first of it’s kind from Cobalt Kinetics, being chambered in 6.8 SPC. While the Chief is based on the Edge rifle it features some specific differences.

    This muzzle device just gives me shivers... :)

    This muzzle device just gives me shivers… 🙂 Image from T4 Photos

    It has a 14.5″ fluted stainless match barrel that is permanently mated (pinned and welded) to Cobalt’s B.A.M.F. muzzle device and uses their premium single stage trigger.

    All of the rifles feature the Collection name, rifle name, and custom number. Image from T4 Photo

    All of the rifles feature the Collection name, rifle name, and custom number. Image from T4 Photos

    Allegiant Rifleworks went with a three tone Cerakote “tiger-stripe” pattern on this rifle, using cobalt gray (the darkest), crushed silver, and titanium gray. The pattern is painstakingly hand laid on each rifle, but you really wouldn’t notice as consistently as it is applied.

    Logo on the buttstock

    Logo on the butt stock. Image from T4 Photos

    Tiger-striping done in crushed silver.

    Tiger-striping done in crushed silver. Image from T4 Photos

    300 Blacked Out

    image from T4 Photos

     Image from T4 Photos

    The other departure from Cobalt Kinetics’ B.A.M.F. Edge standard chambering is in this rifle. As you can probably tell from the name, it is in 300 Blackout.

    Image from T4 Photo

     Image from T4 Photos

    The custom paint job on this one is a truly blacked out rifle. It is so flat black that it really doesn’t pick up any light. Hat tip to Ryanne for getting some great photos of it, though they don’t (and can’t) really demonstrate how “black” it really is.

    All of the rifles feature the Collection name, rifle name, and custom number. Image from T4 Photo

    All of the rifles feature the Collection name, rifle name, and custom number. Image from T4 Photos

    The 300 Blacked Out features a 14.5″ nitrocarburized barrel with a 1:8 twist. It too has a pinned & welded muzzle device, though this one is a very aggressive linear compensator.

    I really like the look of this compensator! Image from T4 Photos

    I really like the look of this compensator! Image from T4 Photos

    Chris Kyle Frog Logo. Image from T4 Photo

    Chris Kyle Frog Logo. Image from T4 Photos


    "Glory" tribute rifle.

    “Glory” tribute rifle. Image from T4 Photos

    Honestly, the “Glory” is my favorite. Call it patriotic, or whatever, but the design of this rifle was executed flawlessly. Glory is one of Cobalt Kinetics B.A.M.F. style rifles, and features all of the common features of that line.

    Just very well executed.

    Just very well executed. Image from T4 Photos

    It is chambered in .223 Wylde, and features their “Dual Drop” bolt release, ambidextrous charging handle, 57-Degree safety selector (not 45 mind you), extended magazine release, and threaded pins. It is precision machined from 7075 billet-aluminum, has custom mated receiver sets, sports a beveled magazine well and detachable trigger guard, and uses their nickel-boron bolt carrier group.

    Slight distressing on the finish.

    Slight distressing on the finish. Image from T4 Photos

    The custom Cerakote finish is two tone flat dark earth and armor black, and has been distressed to create the “battle-worn flag” look.

    Large logo on the buttstock.

    Large logo on the buttstock. Image from T4 Photos


    I had the opportunity to handle them at SHOT 2017, where they were unveiled and the pictures obviously do not do them justice. I was not previously familiar with the work of Adam Tarr, of Allegiant Rifleworks, but he has done an amazing job with this collection. Because each rifle is done by hand there will be minor variations in the finish.

    This is definitely a collector’s item, though every rifle is most certainly functional, and exhibits the Cobalt Kinetics standards and performance.

    How much, you may ask, to own such a set? It is not cheap.  A set of the four, numbered tribute rifles will cost $18,899 (though they are doing an early sale for $17,500), with proceeds going to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. You can request specific serial numbers where available, though some have already been claimed. Taya Kyle was given set 001. And someone else has already purchased 007, and 250… In the future, the rifles may be available individually, but for now they will only be sold as a full set.

    You can pre-order them at:

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