H&K MP5 Clones of the World

    Heckler & Koch MP5 is probably the most popular post-WW2 submachine gun design of the world. It is compact, reliable and lightweight. It uses H&K’s roller locked design, which proved to be a successful concept judging from the number of countries utilizing it. No surprise it is popular in the civilian market, too. This gun has become so popular, that not only many countries adopted it, but also manufacture MP5s domestically. In this article, we’ll go through MP5 clones manufactured in different countries. Those chambered in calibers other than 9x19mm (such as .22LR guns by GSG and ATI) are not included in the list. So, without further ado, let’s see who makes MP5s:

    1) Beitler Waffentechnik BWT5 (Germany)

    MP5 bwt5172

    Yes, there are even companies in Germany (besides H&K) who make MP5 clones …actually two of them. This particular company makes the standard length version with fixed stock and the short “K” version without a stock. They are also specialized in MP5 parts manufacturing.

    2) Oberland Arms OA5 (Germany)

    This German company used to manufacture classic fixed stock style MP5 clones. Now they’ve discontinued the OA5 and are making AR-15 and AR-10 style rifles.

    3) Brugger & Thomet BT-96 (Switzerland)

    B&T was also making MP5 licensed clones. Reportedly they were only assembling the guns using all H&K made parts. BT-96 was made for the civilian market.

    4) WTC Special Weapons Inc. SP-10 (Philippines)

    Image from HKPro.com

    This is another MP5 clone, but as you can see it has a redesigned upper receiver. It looks like a cross-breed between MP5 and UMP.

    5) Luxembourg Defence Technology HSG94, HSG94K and HSG95 (Luxembourg)

    LDT HSG95 MP5

    LDT HSG94 is the fixed stock version and HSG94K is the short version with collapsing stock. This Luxembourgian company also makes a modernized version of the rifle called HSG95, which features top Picatinny rail as well as rails on the handguard. HSG95 also has an AR-15 stock adapter. All these guns are semi-auto civilian copies of the MP5.

    6) Russian Arms Company RA-5 (Russia)

    This one is relatively new. It is made by a Russian company called “Russkaya Oruzheynaya Kompaniya” (Русская Оружейная Компания – Russian Arms Company). It is designed for the civilian use, to meet the demands of the growing pistol caliber carbine market of Russia. The gun is a copy of HK MP5SD, however, it uses a fake suppressor. Suppressors are highly regulated in Russia. Although RA-5 is certified as a hunting carbine, it should be more interesting for competitive shooting and defensive roles, as well as for enthusiast of the platform in Russia.

    RA-5 features Picatinny rails on sides and bottom of the forearm. It is also possible to mount a top rail, which clamps on the receiver.

    7) Ordnance Factory Board “Anamika” (India)

    This Indian made gun is reverse engineered and probably one of the non-licensed copies of HK MP5. It is not listed on manufacturer’s website, but information about it leaked last year. The gun has a different lower receiver and features rails on the forearm and on top of the receiver. We’ve earlier covered this gun in a separate article on TFB and if you want to learn more about Anamika, click here to read the article.

    8) Pakistan Ordnance Factories MP5A2, MP5P3 and SMG-PK (Pakistan)

    Pakistan MP5

    Besides the civilian versions of MP5 clones available in US market (POF-5), the Pakistani company also makes military versions of the gun. MP5A2 is the fixed stock version, MP5P3 has a collapsible stock and SMG-PK is the short version also equipped with a collapsible stock. There are also models called MP5P4 and MP5P5, which feature a burst fire mode and have a four position safety selector. Other than that these are similar to MP5A2 and MP5P3 respectively.

    9) MKEK (Turkey)

    This Turkish company manufactures all kind of MP5 versions one can imagine. The only feature that visually distinguishes some of the MKEK MP5 clones is the transparent magazine.

    10) Hellenic Defence Systems MP5 (Greece)

    Another European company making MP5 clones. They make direct copies with following versions available: MP5 A2 (fixed stock), MP5 A3 (retractable stock), MP5 SD2 and MP5 SD3 (suppressed versions of MP5 A2 and MP5 A3 respectively), MP5 SD1 (with a receiver end cap instead of the stock). All versions are full auto capable military guns.

    11) Defense Industries Organization “Tondar” (Iran)

    Unfortunately, there is almost no information available about Tondar. In fact, all I could find is the picture above, which leaves us with more questions than answers. Particularly it says “Operation: gas operated”. This is the case with many state-owned arms manufacturers all over the world. They either have no website or a poorly made one. Also, they are normally “not eager” to disclose information to the general public.

    12) Military Industries Corporation “Tihraga” (Sudan)

    Sudanese version of the gun.

    13) Norinco NR-08, CS/LS3 (China)

    In the picture above is the CS/LS3, which is supposedly made by Norinco. It features forearm rails and a sound suppressor. The relatively more known version of MP5 by Norinco is the NR-08. You can read more about the latter by clicking here.

    14) Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and France

    According to some sources these countries also make or made licensed copies of HK MP5, however, there is no reliable information available about them.

    15) USA

    Because there are a lot of articles written about the US made or imported to USA MP5 clones, I won’t go into the details and will just list the companies, which offer these guns:

    • Black Ops Defense
    • Brethren Armament
    • Dakota Tactical
    • Investment Grade Firearms
    • Kelly Enterprises
    • Atlantic Firearms
    • TMP Outfitters
    • TSC Machine
    • Zenith Firearms
    • Strike Industries (new upper receiver)

    I think this is a pretty much comprehensive list of MP5 clones. If you know about anything not included in the list or have more information about any of the guns of the list, please let us know in the comments section.

    Hrachya H

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