Surefire Inert Can For Blanks | SHOT 2017

    Checking the box for the “boring but pretty freaking cool” category at this years SHOT Show is a pair of inert suppressors by Surefire. There I was, drooling over the new Ryder 9M suppressor when the two brightly colored cans caught my eye. Sporting the same mounts as used in the SOCOM line, these training suppressors come in a couple different flavors.

    First, an adjustable model that allows for the gas flow to be tweaked enough to cycle the actions on some sensitive guns. A second, non-adjustable model is for use with rifles that are less sensitive to altered gas flow while shooting suppressed. As an added safety measure, both mock suppressors are capable of withstanding (and containing) three rounds of M855. You know, just in case someone has a really bad day.

    Obviously, the market for these dummy cans rests solidly between military and law enforcement customers who require the same specs of their issued rifles in a configuration capable of firing blanks during training.

    I’m not sure why, but I really appreciate purpose-built accessories like these. Looking for the rest of the Surefire new releases? Follow me.

    Surefire Inert Training Suppressors


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