POTD: History Lesson

    Thanks to Adam S. for sharing this.

    A customer stopped into my store and said he had a gun that he was having some problems. I told him to bring it on in. He returns from his vehicle and opens a dirty, unassuming case and this was inside. My eyes immediately got huge!
    He said that it was having some feeding issues and I had him try and explain further what was exactly happening and he wasn’t very good at elaborating on the problem. I told him it could something as simple as the magazine being worn since the gun is so old. I checked out the magazine and the mag lips were fine and it had good spring tension.
    Then, he said he was thinking of possibly getting it re-blued or Cerakote-d to make the finish look better. At this point I hadn’t said anything about the value of the gun, but then I stopped him. I said that I would not work on his gun. I refused to. He should leave it as is.
    He then told me that I was the 3rd stop he stopped at and everyone before me said the same thing.
    Finally, I gave him the history and value of the gun. He was ecstatic since it was a hand-me-down gun and he didn’t know the full value or story.
    Before he left I mentioned that we buy, sell, and trade and offered him $10 as a joke.
    It boggles my mind that Adam was this person’s third stop. I am surprised the other two shops did not explain to this customer what he had in his hands. How can someone not see the Nazi marks and not think that this gun may have some value?
    Hopefully this person will appreciate it a bit more. Thanks Adam for saving this piece of history from cerakote!