Magnetic, Concealable & Lightweight… Must be ANGEL ARMOR | SHOT 2017

    Angel Armor

    When it comes to armor for your body, vehicle, or more special purposes, Angel Armor likely has not what you want, but rather what you need! They specialize in law enforcement and civilian protective armor ranging from preventing stab attacks to centerfire rifle cartridges. At SHOT Show 2017, Angel Armor showcased multiple products marketing to everyone from school children to high level law enforcement.

    Angel Armor

    Truth 47S + Truth 44S = Truth 308S

    Truth Snap – Magnetic Plate System

    Truth Snap is Angel Armor’s trauma plate, or magnetic body armor system. There are 2 different trauma plates that can be purchased: Truth 44S & Truth 47S. These each have unique attributes, thicknesses, and levels of protection. What makes them special though is their feathery light weight and their ability to magnetically stack on each other for magnified protection. Individually and collectively the plates are obviously light, but together they definitely beef up their protective qualities. When magnetically stacked, they can protect against 7.62mm NATO/.308 Winchester 150 Grain FMJ (M80). The Truth Snap trauma plates also work in conjunction with their “Rise” modular armor vest which we will get to shortly. Here’s the skinny on the trauma plates:

    • Truth 44S – rated up to .44 MAG; 0.38 – 1.08 Lbs (Depending on size); $144 – $218 (Depending on size)
    • Truth 47S – rated up to 7.62x39mm; 0.81 – 2.29 Lbs (Depending on size); $192 – $362 (Depending on size)
    • Truth 308S – rated up to 7.62 NATO; 1.17 – 3.31 Lbs (Depending on size); $329 – $572 (Depending on size)
    Angel Armor

    RISE – Ballistic Carrier System

    RISE – Soft Body Armor Platform

    “RISE is a ballistic carrier system engineered to offer safety, comfort, mobility and versatility in one complete, concealed package.” – Angel Armor

    That pretty much sums it up. This soft body armor platform can be tailored to a man’s or woman’s build or figure. It is not a one-size-fits-all situation as to ensure the officer is protected, yet comfortable at the same time. Each unit is custom by supplying your fit and size information to Angel Armor when you order. The previously mentioned Truth Snap plates fit this platform seamlessly; whether you are using individual plates or stacked.

    A small detail you can see to the right is that each RISE unit has a long cloth tail that hangs from the front (pictured) and back (not pictured). You might be asking, “What in the heck are those for?” Pretty simple answer, actually. An officer can use those tails to tuck them into their pants so if they make quick movements their armor carrier is not bouncing around.

    It is all in the little details.

    With different color options, sizing demands, plate choices, and body armor ratings the pricing is extremely variable. It is best to give Angel Armor a call for a better gauge of pricing, but you will roughly be looking in the ballpark of $1,129 – $1,569 at MSRP.

    Angel Armor

    Ally One – 9″x12″ Panel

    Ally One – Portable Armored Panels

    For the everyday civilian, you may want some type of ballistic protection, but it is not feasible (or socially acceptable) to walk around with a plate carrier on. A terrific alternative is Ally One. These are portable armored panels that can be inserted into a messenger bag, backpack, briefcase, or laptop bag. It is able to protect against a .44 MAG and is Level III-A NIJ (National Institute of Justice, ratings for Body Armor). This armored panel could be used by an attorney in a court room, a student on campus, or a busy individual on the go.

    While speaking with the great folks at Angel Armor, they stated that they saw a need for something like this due to multiple, tragic events in recent years. It is somewhat disheartening that a need exists for a product like this, I agreed, but it is always better to have and not need… than need and not have. It is the same reason why we have smoke detectors, airbags, and concealed carry. Hopefully we never need any of these things.

    The standard Ally One armored panel is $149, has dimensions of 9″ x 12″, and weighs 13.6 ounces. When it comes to simplicity and safety, the Ally One provides just that.

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