America Grip Rail Mounted Tool Kit | SHOT 2017

    At the Breakthrough Clean Technologies booth, they had a AR on display with some odd looking rail covers. The rail covers are made by America Grip. The rail covers have 1/4 hex bit holes to store hex bit tools. The cover panels are simply snapped onto the rails for storage. You remove them and sandwich two halves together to form the handle of a hex bit driver tool.


    They are currently working on a small metal vial to store lubricant for Breakclean.


    American Grip also has a small key shaped AR-15 tool.

    – Made in the USA of Rugged Stainless & Spring Steel

    – Flat Blade Points are Compatible With Most Optics to Include Aimpont Micro Optics (T-1 & T-2). Also can be used to extract ammunition and casings from a chamber so you don’t have to use your knife.

    – Magpul AR-15 Pistol Grip Compatible

    – Tined Brass Hook to Remove Brass After a Case Head Separation

    – Carbon Scraper

    – Central Lanyard Hole

    – Key Chain / Para Cord Loop Hole

    – V-Notch Firing Pin Scraper


    Both the Tool Grip and Dagger Tool are available on their website.

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