Passing of Former SEAL, TV Host Richard “Mack” Machowicz


    Earlier this month, Richard “Mack” Machowicz passed away at age 51. He had been fighting brain cancer and leaves behind his wife, daughters and parents.

    Machowicz served his country in the United States Navy with 10 years as a SEAL. After his military service, Machowicz was active in many areas. He created a new martial arts style called the Bukido Training System. Additionally, Machowicz was an ordained Buddhist priest.

    Many people may know Machowicz for his many television appearances. As the host of the Future Weapons series, he was seen in the homes of millions of gun enthusiasts. Machowicz would also host or take part in other television series including:

    • America: The Story of the US
    • Deadliest Warrior
    • Mankind: The Story of All of Us
    • Mankind Decoded
    • Ultimate Soldier Challenge

    Machowicz also wrote the motivational book Unleash the Warrior Within.

    In the below video from 2012, Machowicz described some of his thoughts behind the Bukido Training System to the host of the Cougar Fitness website.

    Here is a video clip of Machowicz hosting Ultimate Soldier Challenge on the History Channel. This particular episode is Navy SEALs vs. Russian Spetsnaz vs. private contractors. While the show may be more of a game than anything else, the series did feature firearms in a positive light.

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