Barrett 240LWS, .300 BLK REC7 SBR | SHOT 2017

    Apart from the newly introduced Sovereign line of shotguns, and Fieldcraft line of lightweight hunting rifles (featured on TFB TV), Barrett had some new entries on display at the booth. The Barrett 240LWS is the lightweight squad machine gun that the company has produced to compliment the 240LW. The pistol grip has been pushed forward, buttstock has been shortened and with a shortened barrel to better accommodate length and weight reductions. Although the 240LW is the companies 7.62x51mm NATO GPMG entry, the 240LWS is the companies idea of an assault machine gun in 7.62, similar to the final concepts of what the M60E6 was supposed to be. The company has also made a change to the barrel changing handle with the option of locking it in a forward position as well as the previous rearward position as is common with most M240s/FN MAGs. Iron sights have also been altered from the 240LW, with the rear sight a picatinny mounted unit, and the front sight a folding blade.

    Next up is Barrett’s entry into the SBR market while at the same time in .300 BLK. The upper is essentially a REC7 DI that has been shortened to a shorter profile, I’m going to guess it at 12 inches or so.


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