Steyr AUG Survival Kit in Pelican case

    The ultimate kit for a prepper?

    Steyr Arms Inc. showed a prototype at SHOT Show of a Steyr AUG Survival Kit.

    The rifle, in high visibility orange, comes in a Pelican case and includes two 30 round mags, two 42 round mags, a serrated survival knife, a flare gun, a mirror, a whistle and Streamlight to light up the night.

    The Pelican case is watertight of course, and it floats.

    Remember it is a prototype at this stage of development and that certain elements could differ slightly from what’s being described. For instance, the final case will be in orange as well.

    While Steyr Arms get these Survival Kits ready, it is possible to preorder already now.

    The price is $3 295 and they are expected to turn up at dealers around summer.

    That includes the 3x optic.

    I’m thinking this would be a lot better to collect (and keep “just in case“) than the 40:th year Anniversary limited edition of the STG77.

    Depending on the scenario, I’m not so sure I would like all my gear to be in high-visibility orange.

    On the other hand, if someone sees you have a firearm that might be enough to keep you alone.

    As an anti-pirate kit in a boat this might be it. I just want to add some water, food and more ammunition. Perhaps some sun screen too.

    Considering how short the Steyr AUG is, it’s not a bad idea for a boat or other confined spaces.


    Steyr AUG 40:th Anniversary Limited Edition STG77 | SHOT 17

    Eric B

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