M+M Industries Rifle | SHOT 2017

    M+M Industries is a budding small arms design firm out of Colorado that has been bringing the 7.62x39mm M10X rifle to market for over a year. The overall goal of the design was to bring a modular rifle to the civilian market (LE/Military also a possibility) that has a twist of the Kalashnikov bolt carrier and FAL long stroke gas system (or SIG 512, depending on where you cut the lineage). In the case of the Kalashnikov, it actually improves upon the original system in some ways, with a user removable firing pin, uses much less parts. Ejection port is on the righthand side of the rifle, but the charging handle can be fitted on either side. The charging handle is removed via a bullet tip or other pointed surface, through the top of the handle. Selector switch is ambidextrous, rails are M-Lok (12 o’clock is monolithic Picatinny), along with QD holes on the rail. Initially designs incorporated a tubular AR buttstock, but this was changed to a Kalashnikov folding stock and trunnion, so as to specifically work with the Magpul Zhukov stock (foldings to the right). It also takes Kalashnikov pistol grips.

    Currently the design only comes in 7.62x39mm but there are plans to extend the offering to other cartridges that can be accommodated in the action. The price isn’t something to be ignored, coming in at less than $1500 as well. I think what I like most about the design is the attention to detail. For example the firing pin has several circular bulges in it, to keep it concentric to the primers it is striking. In another example the design has a channel system within the top cover, towards the stock that is present to accommodate an overcharged round that might blow the bolt back. Instead of the receiver taking the stress from the bolt, the rails do instead, and prevent it from splitting and possibly exploding as well.

    Switching out the charging handle.

    The designer, Mike Meier is from Switzerland, now based out of Northglenn, CO.


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