LWRC New Rifles and California Compliant Releases | SHOT 2017

by Miles

Maryland based Leitner Wise Rifle Company (LWRC) brought out a number of rifles and product enhancements this year at SHOT 2017. Possibly the biggest innovations are the California-legal modifications that can be added to any rifle in the line up, .300 BLK, M-Lok as a rail interface, and the much anticipated 7.62x51mm NATO R.E.P.R. MK II.

LWRC’s answer to the new California compliance laws is a sort of spring operated plunger that deactivates the magazine release once the upper receiver is assembled onto the lower receiver. Field stripping the rifle and ‘popping the top’ allows the plunger to be released, and the magazine to be released naturally by pressing the magazine button. To facilitate the field strip, LWRC has extended the rear take down pin to include a sort of port that makes gripping it easier, but also allows for a piece of 550 cord or likewise material to be threaded through the port and creating a loop to pop the rear take down pin out. Unlike other companies that have a specific Cali-Legal rifle variant, LWRC has this as an option, wherein most of the companies models can be retrofitted with the plunging device and rear take down pin. Currently it is patent-pending, but it has been approved by the California DOJ.

.300 BLK has now been added to the rifle line up, currently in the 16 inch variant. M-Lok is being added to a number of the rifles as well. I only saw M-Lok on one of the SBRs, but I assume the rest of the M6 line up will be getting the rail interface as well.

Also new for this year is the introduction of the 7.62x51mm NATO R.E.P.R. MK II. An improvement on the successful R.E.P.R. rifle, the company has moved the charging handle from the left side of the receiver to the traditional “T”-shaped design.

.300 BLK entries in the 16″ legal barrel DI variant.

Direct Impingement is being added to the line up. Top rifle is in .300 BLK

Limited Edition of LWRCs entry into the Army’s Compact Sniper Rifle contract.

M-Lok is being added to the line up for the SBRs.

Restricted States Compliant Rifle

Plunger exposed.

Extended rear take down pin, with the port for 550 cord.

The Cali-Legal retro-fits have a polymer handstop, reversed so as to provide protection between the finish of the metal when the upper is being popped off.

6.8 SPC in the companies shortest SBR variant with proprietary buffer tube and spring.


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