Springfield Armory Rolls Out The EMP4 Carry Contour in 9mm | SHOT 2017

    Photos by Aaron E

    This year at SHOT Springfield introduced a couple of new revisions to current models, one of those being the EMP4 Concealed Carry Contour chambered in 9mm. We all know that sharp corners and edges on a gun can make it hard to hide under a shirt and no one knows that better than The Great One, Rob Leatham himself. Gun Talk Media got together with Rob to go over the freshened up EMP4’s features and selling points while sitting in what appears to be a very comfortable lawn chair.

    Rob outlines the bobtail like “concealed carry contour” that is supposed to keep the sharp edge of the butt from protruding too much under a shirt. Springfield also added golf ball like texturing to the grip so that the gun will hopefully stay put when your hands are slippery.

    ith chicken grease, sweat, or blood.




    I wasn’t able to shoot the gun due to the long line at the Springfield lane and a tight schedule at Range Day, maybe I will get a chance to get my hands on one soon. MSRP for the new variation of EMP is right about $1000. Check out Springfield’s website for more information HERE.