Zentico announces the B-13N rail for Tigr and SVD rifles

    Zentico, based in Moscow, Russia, are about to release the B-13N suitable for Tigr and SVD rifles.

    Mounting optics on Russian firearms is typically a nightmare compared to, let’s say, more Westerns designed firearms. Luckily Zentico are doing their best to develop new solutions, and a lot of my friend use their products and seem happy with the performance.

    The new B-13N is a low-profile side-mounted optics rail and will only work for the specified platform.



    Note the Perst-3 combined visible/IR laser and IR illumination module, on the left side of the rail.





    The B-13N is designed to sit flush onto the dust cover and has an additional side-rail for IR illumination or other aim-assisting accessories.

    Your original iron sights will still be visible and useable with the B-13N installed, and even with an optic attached as shown in the top picture there is some space so you can use the iron sights.






    The B-13N will not work for the Vepr 54R, as it’s based on the RPK receiver. The regular B-13 should work for the Molot Vepr, but please check with Zentico first to make sure.

    2017-01-10 06.59.30


    According to Zentico Russia, the B-13N has just finished testing and will become available very soon.

    For more information check: http://zenitco.ru/

    US distributors are AK Stuff, Legion USA and AK Operators Union. If there are and SVDs or Tigers in the USA to put this rail on?

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