IWI Tavor X95 on its way to Canada

    Canada has approved the IWI Tavor X95 and it’s coming very soon!

    According to IsraelDefense.co.il the Canadian Tavor X95 is based on the US model, but with a Canadian-legal 18.6 inch barrel.

    Estimated price of the X95 is $2600 Canadian dollars and it’s estimated to arrive in Canada already by the end of January 2017.


    The Canadian X95 will have a much longer barrel than this.


    The Canadian X95 will be made in Israel on the same production line as the US model, and exported directly from Israel to Canada. It will be classified as “non-restricted”.


    Maker: Israel Weapons Industries

    Model:  X95

    Bullpup configuration

    Short weapon with a long barrel

    Rear center of gravity

    Low recoil with enhanced stability when firing


    The X95 Tavor in 300 BLK. This version is NOT mentioned to arrive in Canada.

    The Canadian X95 will be offered as either 5.56 mm or 9 mm, with a 9 mm conversion kit available.

    Colors are  Black, FDE, or OD Green.

    Marketing in Canada will begin in Q1.

    The rifle is being imported by North Sylva Co., described as “one of Canada’s leading importers and distributors of firearms“.


    A TFB article from 2014 about the X95 full auto on Canadian soil

    Select Fire Tavor X95 Appears in Canada

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