I.O. Inc. Valkyrie | SHOT 2017

    IO Inc Valkyrie

    I.O. Inc. showed off a new compact revolver at the SHOT Show. Called the Valkyrie, this lightweight handgun is chambered in .22 LR and is roughly the same size as some of the popular North American Arms revolvers.

    I spoke with an I.O. Inc representative who went over the features of the new gun with me. He was careful to point out that the samples on hand were rapid prototypes made with titanium, and not the finished product.

    IO Inc Valkyrie

    The Valkyrie is a five shot, single action revolver. It requires the hammer to be drawn back prior to it firing. It does have a half cock position.

    As you might expect, the sights are tiny and no likely to be used in a self-defense encounter. Likewise, the grip is fairly small.

    IO Inc Valkyrie

    Unlike some small revolvers, this one includes an ejection system similar to that of a double action revolver. Pulling the ejector rod forward (toward the muzzle) unlocks the cylinder, allowing it to swing out from the frame. Then, pushing down on the ejector rod pushes out all of the cartridge cases via an ejector star.

    The company representative i spoke with anticipates the revolvers will begin shipping in March of 2017. The suggested retail price of this gun will be $259.95.

    Richard Johnson

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