Velocity Systems SCARAB DLX Plate Carrier | SHOT 2017

    Velocity Systems has a couple new products this year at SHOT, but what really caught my eye was the Multi Cam SCARAB DLX plate carrier the company had on display. The design is an improvement on the SCARAB Light. One of the largest differences is the lack of MOLLE, and the incorporation of an integrated Cordura attachment system. The slots are MOLLE compatible, but are in the shape of a triangle. At first glance this would appear to be a similar concept to 5.11’s multi-direction attachment system, but the dimensions between the sides of the triangle are actually too long for that to be the case. A Sales Rep told us that a triangle pattern was chosen for the rigidity it provides in the design. Apart from the outside, the carrier comes with some very sleek shoulder pads that are minimalist in design but appear to be quite comfortable when worn, and in dissipating any weight on the vest. The cummberband has built in handles, and the slots extend as far as possible, allowing maximum usage of the attachment system should it be extended that far out. In addition the carrier incorporates a sort of spacer system via velcro on the back and front sections, allowing the carrier to be adjusted further out from a users chest and back.

    Both front and back sections have built in slots for Kevlar inserts and SAPI or AR500 plates a piece. The overall design is extremely minimalist and very rugged, allowing for both a low-vis profile to be worn or as a main plate carrier that is extremely lightweight as a base weight.

    The former SCARAB Light that the DLX is based on. 


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