Sig P320: Perfection Improved (US Army MHS Modular Handgun System)

    This episode of TFBTV Patrick takes the Sig Sauer P320 out to the range. Previous to the P320, if you wanted a striker fired Sig, you were out of luck. Since it’s introduction the P320 has become a serious contender in the striker fired handgun market and has taken a large bite out of sales numbers for Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield Armory for good reason. The innovative features that Sig brought to the table at a really attractive price point make it a solid choice for an everyday carry gun.

    Related: SIG P320 Selected as new US Army Handgun.

    The SIG P320 has been selected to replace the the US Army Beretta M9.

    BREAKING: US Army Selects Sig To Replace M9 Original Post Updated at 11pm With SIG Press Release and Photos of the Pistol

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