Savage Arms uses Norwegian Stock for Model 10 GRS | SHOT 2017


    Savage Arms has been buzzing with news surrounding their new MSR rifles. One firearm that was almost tucked away in the corner at SHOT Show was a new Model 10. It was sitting on a gun rack unassumingly next to some rimfire guns. Nobody seemed to notice it or be handling it so we checked it out.


    Savage Arms Model 10 GRS .308 Win

    A quick glance at the barrel confirmed our inclination that it was a Model 10 .308 Win since most of the centerfire rifles there were that caliber. After speaking with a rep from Savage Arms we got the details on this intriguing new rifle:

    • Savage AccuTrigger
    • Heavy Barrel w/ Fluting
    • 5/8″ x 24 T.P.I. w/ Thread Cap
    • Two Caliber Offerings: 6.5 Creedmoor (1:8″ Twist) & .308 Win (1:10″ Twist)
    • Accepts AI & AICS Magazines

    Now… to the piece that caught our eye from the outset. What stock is on this gun?!

    The Savage Arms rep told us it was a “GRS Stock” and they are coming from Norway. With no other information to go off of we sat down and did a little research for ourselves.

    GRS Riflestocks is, in fact, a company out of Norway that makes specialty stocks. Most of their stocks can be mated to Tikka, Howa, Remington, Weatherby, or Savage rifles. The model stock that is specifically on this Savage is a “GRS Berserk.” Besides the curb appeal of the tactical look, the GRS Berserk has a few valuable, key features.


    “GRS Berserk” riflestock for the Model 10 GRS

    • Rubber Pistol Grip & Forend
    • Texturing Surrounding Rubber Inserts
    • Cheek & Butt of Stock are Push-Button Adjustable
    • Forend Sling Stud for Bi-Pod Attachment
    • Sling Swivels Mounted on Left-Hand side of Rifle to more Comfortably Carry
    • Pillar Bedding Blocks have 65% Glass Fiber

    With a host of features such as that, the GRS Berserk definitely has more benefits than meet the eye. We sadly did not get to stretch the legs of this rifle and see how it could shoot. There were just too many people enjoying Savage rifles filling up the shooting line at the time. The Model 10 GRS in both .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor will MSRP at $1,499.

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