Max Michel sets a Guinness World Record with SIG Sauer P320RX

    Six 8″ plate targets, from draw and 7 meters, in less then 10 seconds with a 9 mm handgun was the mission. Doesn’t sound too hard, even for me!


    But Max Michel – IPSC Handgun World Champion – had a much lower time in mind.

    His target was below 2.5 seconds, using a SIG P320RX.


    -“Are you ready? Standby……..  …. ….Beeeeep, Pew, Pew, Pew”


    This SIG comes with a ROMEO1 Reflex Sight, and is a nice way to promote what is – in my opinion – the future of handgun shooting. There’s a lot of older shooters out there (as well as others, regardless of age)  that prefer to shoot and aim with a red dot instead of irons.

    Related: SIG P320 Selected as new US Army Handgun.

    The popularity of USPSA Carry Optics and (future) IPSC Production Optics is a sign if nothing else, and the fact that a lot of manufacturers now release handguns prepared for this technology. (Glock MOS, as another example).

    You can see the video at Recoil TV:


    Shooting steel from relatively short distances (short enough to hit!) is among the best you can do with your clothes on.


    RECOIL ventures to the SIG SAUER Academy where we get a chance to watch IPSC World Champion Max Michel set a Guinness World Record. Six plate targets from the draw in less then 10 seconds with a 9mm handgun is the goal, but let’s see if he can take them down in less than 2.5 with a SIG P320RX. Let’s just say there’s a reason he’s team captain.


    Guinness World Record officially declares Max Michel a World Record holder. Congratulations!


    All pictures from Recoil TV

    If you’re interested in more details about the P320RX you can check the SIG Sauer homepage here.

    There are also more details from Shooting Sports USA.


    It may be of interest that since this record the US Army has revealed they’re going to select the SIG SAUER Model P320 to replace the M9.

    BREAKING: US Army Selects Sig To Replace M9 Original Post Updated at 11pm With SIG Press Release and Photos of the Pistol

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