Franklin Armory .17WSM AR and New Binary Triggers | SHOT 2017

    Franklin Armory has been making an AR chambered in .17WSM called the F17 series. The beauty of this is that they are exempt from California’s assault weapon bans as those statutes only apply to center fire weapons.

    The basic F17-M4 starts at $1,499. There are a few other models with different sights and furniture.


    More intersting is is the evolution of their Binary Trigger. They are now on the third generation. They have made some minor modifications such as you can switch the safety back to semi if you were in Binary mode and had pulled the first shot.

    The third generation Binary trigger is more versatile. It can be dropped into a Sig MPX without modification. 


    Franklin Armory is now working on a Binary trigger for HK platforms their trigger pack will work in HK91, MP5 and other roller locks that use the same trigger pack


    Due IR to the parts commonality to the AR Binary trigger, FA will be making a trigger for the Bushmaster ACR.


    The ACR trigger will come out sooner than the MP5 trigger since they don’t have to make as many new parts like the MP5 trigger. They project release for both new trigger systems this year.

    I told them they should make one for the SCAR platform.

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