Fostech Origin 12 "Firearm", new finishes | SHOT 2017

by Miles

Fostech is bringing an interesting variant of their 12 gauge Origin 12 shotgun to market. The Origin 12 SBV is along the lines of their NFA Short Barrel Shotguns with a 10 inch barrel, but it isn’t an NFA item at all. Because it has a smooth bore, it isn’t a handgun either. It is simply classified as a firearm, even with a arm stabilizing brace installed. The brace still cannot be shouldered because the complaint letter from ATF on the brace regards the actual use on any firearm it is attached to. MSRP is $2,850 for the Nickel Internal version, and 2,750 for the Hard Black version. Magazines pictured are standard 5 round magazines, but the variant can accept any magazine or drum that the Orgin 12 line is available with. These include an 8 round, 10 round, 20 round drum, and 30 round drum as well.

Other than the Origin 12 SBV, new for Fostech is a number of different finishes for the standard Origin 12 Long Barrel with an 18 inch barrel. Specifically in Green and Tan. Also mentioned in the catalog are three barrel lengths that can be ordered, two 18 inch assemblies in either Black, or Nickel, in addition to a short barrel assembly that is 10 inches long.


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