FAXON Glock Barrels And AR Upper | SHOT 2017

    While Adam S. covered the BCGs and AR barrels made by Faxon, he did not mention the Glock barrel nor Faxon’s AR upper receiver.

    Faxon will be making drop in Glock barrels for the 19, 17, and 34. They are skipping non-threaded and jumping right into making them threaded.

    They will be making a plain threaded barrel out of 4150 steel and will retail for $159. After that, they will make a fluted version, also threaded, and that will be made of 416-R and will retail for a bit ore at $209.

    According to Nathan S. the Glock barrels will be coated in PVD coating.


    Next up is their AR Upper Receiver. It is a forged light weight upper with a skeletonized shell deflector. They removed one once of weight, just from the shell deflector alone. They used a diamond hone to smooth the inside of the upper receiver. Faxon also took it a step further and lapped the front face of the upper receiver threads.

    A stripped lower will retail for only $99. And Faxon will sell a complete kit for $125.



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