Explorer Cases | SHOT 2017

    Ever since hooking up with Explorer cases last year, I have been a super fan of their products. I know, I know, it is just a plastic box. A special talent I have is breaking things, or causing proximity failures. When I deployed, my pelican case failed; my stuff was coated with sand and dust even though it wasn’t opened. I have yet to do more than scratch the outside of my Explorer Cases.

    This year at SHOT, they debuted a number of new models and sizes. They have a X-Long rifle case (model 15416), with pick and pluck foam, that will accommodate really any full size rifle (including .50 cals, McMillan Tac-50, Barrett 82A1, M107A1, etc). It has six latches and multiple locking points. External Dimensions are 63 4/5″ x 17 4/5″ x 7 9/10″; internal dimensions are 60 3/5″ x 14 9/10″ x 6 3/10″. It comes in Black, Military Green, or Desert Tan.

    Combination locks on the bow case.

    Combination locks on the bow case.

    They also have a new bow case (can be used as Gun Case) which is water resistant and has four easy action quick release and two combination locks. External Dimensions are 42 7/16″ x 18 11/16″ x 6 3/16″; internal dimensions are 36 7/16″ x 16 9/16″ x 4 3/4″.

    Additionally, Explorer Cases has started upgrading all of their existing line with reinforced “Padalockable Points” and better quick release catches.

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