Strike Industries AR Quick Change Upper | SHOT 2017

    Hot on the heels of Strike‘s MP5 receiver replacement is their AR quick change barrel upper receiver. This model is an injection molded prototype, with actual production versions being made out of aluminum. Strike’s interest in a quick-change barrel comes from the need to switch out shoot out barrels, or to simply switch barrels out for different calibers, along with different lengths. The system is drastically simple, only requiring a hex wrench (Or flathead) to unscrew two captive screws out from the left and right sides of the receiver, thereby releasing the barrel. The Charging handle has been pushed to the handguard, is non-reciprocating, and can be switched to either side of the handguard, There is no forward assist, and the charging handle isn’t connected to the bolt in forward motion (only in rearward motion), so Strike has a button just behind it that once pressed, can actuate the bolt to be pressed forward.

    The “Bolt Assist”, instead of a Forward Assist. Also notice the M-Lok rails and QD attachments. 

    AR multi lug rotating bolt, with a flat bolt carrier, along with no dust cover.

    Flip up iron sights are integral to the picatinny rail. 

    The design utilizes a short stroke gas piston to operate the action.


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