Iron Claw Tactical AK Magazine Drop-Free, Non-Rocking Insert | SHOT 2017

    Iron Claw Tactical is a Wisconsin based custom firearms company that is coming out with several innovative upgrades for the Kalashnikov platform. Most importantly being their non-rocking magazine well. Kalashnikovs are notorious for the particular method of “rocking” a magazine into place. Iran Claw came up with a magazine well that is bolted to the lower portion of a Kalashnikov receiver. It has a sort of smooth travel ramp on which a magazine rides into place with, presenting an angle at which it can then lock into place. The system takes a couple minutes getting used to, but once it is down, straight magazine changes similar to what many gun owners experience with an AR is very easy to accomplish.

    In conjunction with the magazine well product, the company is also bringing to market a magazine quick release lever combination that can be actuated via either left or right handed shooters. Underneath the release lever is another lever that is used to force out a magazine if the initial lever hasn’t been pressed sufficiently enough, or there is debris in the magazine well preventing the magazine from dropping free. It also serves as a simply oversized version of traditional Kalashnkov release. This product is for sale separately from the magazine well and can be installed on a number of rifles currently on the market.


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