Aeroscraft to produce M4 carbines in Ukraine named WAC-47 in 7,62×39

    The American company Aeroscraft, founded by an immigrant from Ukraine, and the State owned company Ukroboronservis will co-operate to produce M4 carbines to NATO standard.

    The production will take place in Ukraine, and is a start to NATO-ify the Ukranian Army.

    The M4 rifle is named WAC-47 and will be made with a 14.5″ barrel in 5,56 NATO.

    But it’s also mentioned that because of the rifle’s “modularity” it can be used with 5,45×39 and 7,62×39.

    I don’t know if this is a play with words, “WAC-74” vs. “AK-47”, in a way to phase out the current stock of both 5,45×39 and 7,62×39 mm and gradually phase in 5,56 NATO?

    Exactly how the transition between these types of ammunition is to be done isn’t described, and it’s not an easy task without changing the majority of the rifle. If you have an idea, please comment below.

    From Ukrainian Defense Industry’s press release:

    WAC-47 can “work” with the caliber 7,62×39, 5,45×39 Ukrainian army is armed with. And if necessary, modular design allows to re-equip assault rifle under 5.56×45 NATO ammunition, which – according to STANAG 4172 standard – is used in all NATO assault rifles.

    Depending on the mission and the requirements they may also look at different barrel lengths like 10.5 “, 11.5”, 14.5 “, 18” or even 24 “.


    2017-01-11 22.18.37

    Note the 7,62 x 39 mm above!


    “Ukrainian engineers in Afghanistan faced similar problems, while participating in the ISAF mission. To solve the problem of different standards weapons Ukrainian troops had to use German assault rifles G36, given by Lithuanian soldiers.”

    Ukrainian soldiers are to gradually receive new NATO assault rifle. According to the plan, the first batch of WAC-47 modification will go into trial operation in the combat units of Ukrainian army, during this time all information on using the riffle in the field will be collected. Gathering feedback from Ukrainian soldiers will enhance necessary changes before mass production starts.


    Soviet Union is being phased out, NATO is being phased in.

    The Press Release contains a lot of more details, read it here:

    Pictures: The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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