Salted Earth Atlas Dry Fire Training | SHOT 2017

    Earlier last year, during the dry fire training series I did, I was able to run the Salted Earth Atlas 8 training units for a short couple of weeks (Salted Earth needed the test units back early). I was sad because they ended up being a pretty useful component and I was just starting to get the in groove with them.

    The newest Salted Earth product. A consumer grade Altas.

    The newest Salted Earth product. A consumer grade Altas.

    As a quick recap for those that are not familiar (or are afraid of using our search box; it is safe, I promise), the Atlas 8 is an amazingly versatile training system that works with laser emitters (like a SIRT; it works with most lasers–there are a few exceptions). It has a number of training modes that work certain concepts (like memory, and threat discrimination), in a both fun and stress inducing platform.

    This year I will have more time with the units to do a dedicated review, to include their newest offering–a consumer grade model. Philip, of Salted Earth, like a number of manufacturers that follow us, actually read the comments and took them to heart. One of the “complaints” was that the units looked fun, but were too expensive.

    Enter their newest model. It is a lighter, monochrome version of the Atlas 8, and will incorporate most of the same features and training modes of its big brother. It loses the ability to do the modes that a color dependent and the units have limited network ability (only 5 units over bluetooth; compared to the hundreds you could theoretically do with the Atlas 8). It will run around $300 (which is less than half of the big system), and is really a great price for the value it brings. If you dry fire a lot, eventually you need to up the ante.

    The Atlas 8 Retail Kit that includes a SIRT.

    The Atlas 8 Retail Kit that includes a SIRT.

    The other thing they now have is a retail box that includes an Atlas 8 and a SIRT for just under $1000.

    More information can be had at their website:

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