New ETS Mags And Loader | SHOT 2017

    ETS has made quite a splash with their transparent polymer Glock magazines. Now they are going to make magazines for the Glock 43 and Glock 42.

    They will be available in 12rd, 8rd and 6 rd mags. For both the .380 G42 and 9mm G43. The prototypes below are clear but when production comes they will be smoke like the normal Glock magazines. The red follower unfortunately will also be tossed out for black followers. It is just red here for easier identification for the ETS team.

    More surprising than that are the MP5 magazines they are going to make. It will be offered in standard 30rd, 20rd and 10 rd mags. Price is a bit high at $40 per magazine. They worked at solving the issues with the MKE Polymer magazines. They found that the loose tolerances of the mag and mag well fit would cause rapid wear of the plastic mag catch notch in the side of the magazine.  So they beefed up the polymer to fit better and take out as much play as possible.

    ETS also had their prototype pistol magazine loader. It scoops up 10 rds from a box of ammo and you push the syringe grip to load the rounds into the pistol magazine. I could see this really helping out in USPSA competitions since it is one swift movement to feed all the ammo and reload the magazine.


    The mag loader is expected to retail for $49.99. ETS is looking forward to mid-late march for release.  That is the projected date for the magazines and loader to be released to the public.

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