Leupold Mark 4 Replacement is Coming Soon | SHOT 2017

    Leupold Mark 4

    TFB first broke the news that Leupold would no longer be selling their Mark 4 to civilians back in June 2016. Since it is SHOT Show season we decided to try and catch up with Leupold and see if things have changed.

    While at Industry Day, the great show-and-tell shooting extravaganza of SHOT Show, we got Leupold to once again confirm that the Mark 4 is truly discontinued for civilians. It is still being sold to the military though. To what extent or volume, Leupold would not comment.

    We asked if there is a scope already developed that will replace the Mark 4, and Leupold confirmed that, yes, there is one in waiting. We followed up with what might be the name of this mysterious replacement scope?… Leupold would not comment.

    Not feeling satisfied, we then pressed by asking, is it going to be a “Mark” series scope?… Leupold stated: yes.

    The answers we were receiving were not deep at all, but the entire time we talked to the same Leupold factory rep he had a tremendous smile on his face. He was obviously excited about what they had up their sleeves.

    We asked one final question before feeling like we were beginning to press our luck. When will we see it?…. Leupold stated: soon.

    This cat and mouse game of us providing questions with one word responses finally got to me, and I blurted out: “C’mon!!!”

    Finally, the Leupold rep elaborated, “Watch for late summer,” and with a huge grin on his face, “it’ll be good.”

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