GEMTECH Adds Lunar-45 Suppressor | Shot 2017

    The full length Lunar-45 attached to a Glock.

    GEMTECH Lunar-45

    GEMTECH has added the Lunar-45 to their impressive line of suppressors. The Lunar-45 is a .45 ACP suppressor that will screw on to suppressor-ready pistols and carbines alike. GEMTECH has been in the suppressor business for over 40 years, and their ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship are evident in their products. The Lunar-45 incorporates some interesting features into a very lightweight and quiet can.

    The new GEMTECH Lunar-45 G-Core suppressor.

    The Lunar-45 is a modular design to allow the shooter to choose from a long or shorter profile. The Lunar-45 uses GEMTECH’s G-Core baffle system. The G-Core system is a solid, single-piece baffle system resting securely inside the can. A removable end cap is designed to be hand tightened or loosened. The combination of the G-Core internals, and the hand loosened end cap, allow the shooter to literally prepare the Lunar-45 for cleaning in a matter of seconds.¬†Once the G-Core is removed it can be easily cleaned and prepped to return inside the can. The whole cleaning processing could be completed in a few minutes.

    Here the G-Core has been removed from the Lunar-45 can.

    Another look at the exposed G-Core.

    The Lunar-45 is crafted from military grade aluminum and titanium to ensure long-term durability and strength. In addition, the GEMTECH Lunar-45 has and additional frontal piece that screws in to the main body that is 6.9 inches long. This additional front piece is 1.4 inches long, bringing the overall length to 8.5 inches when attached.

    The front end cap extension simply hand-tight screws into place.

    The shorter, one-piece portion of the Lunar-45 provides the shooter with a more compact option, but increases the decibel level to 136 dB. The full length option, with the 1.4 inch end piece added, increases the Lunar-45 length to 8.5 inches but also reduces decibel level to only 129 dB. GEMTECH is offering a variety of mounting options, depending on platform.

    GEMTECH Lunar-45 Specifications

    • Long Length: 8.5 inches (
    • Short Length: 6.9 inches (
    • Diameter: 1.375 inches (
    • Long Weight: 11.3 ounces
    • Short Weight: 10.1 ounces
    • Decibel Reduction Level Long: 129 dB (at shooter’s ear*)
    • Decibel Reduction Level Short: 136 dB (at shooter’s ear*)
    • MSRP: $799.00.

    * Dry readings, full size 1911 230gr FMJ

    The Lunar-45 short, with end cap addition removed.

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