FLIR’s Newest Products Revealed | SHOT 2017

    At the FLIR party, they brought along some of their latest products. One of them was a quad copter drone fitted with a FLIR thermal camera about the size of a GoPro.


    The coolest thing was the Thermo-Sight RL rifle scope. it features USB-C compatiblity as well as blue tooth to pair with their FLIR app. The sight can record 1000 still images or a couple hours of video.


    We were on a balcony outside of the Tao Asian Bistro. Here is a video I shot looking through the thermal sight.


    For those that do not know, FLIR purchased Armasight. They are taking the higher end night vision and thermal from Armasight, adding their Boson Camera Core. Below is a gen three white phosphorus night vision monocular by Armasight.

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