Faxon Firearms Releases NEW BCGs | SHOT 2017

    Faxon Firearms

    Faxon Firearms has been busy getting ready for SHOT Show like all of us. They introduced new SLIMLINE barrels and muzzle attachments as well as new bolt-carrier groups (BCG). The two newest ones are for .308 Win/7.62 NATO and 9mm.

    Faxon FirearmsThe new .308 Win/7.62 NATO BCG has a couple nice upgrades to it in comparison to other manufacturers. The first thing you will notice if you handle one is the buttery smooth feel. To be honest, buttery smooth does not do the fluid feel and motion of the BCG justice. How they create this slick fit and feel is through applying “Super Finish” (with a name like that, it has to be awesome). The Super Finish process is a micro-machining or short-stroke honing procedure of a metal surface. More simply put, its a microscopic polish. This BCG is also constructed from 9310 steel and is full-auto compatible. The new Faxon Firearms .308 Win/7.62 NATO BCG has no MSRP stated at this time and it is not listed on their website.

    Faxon FirearmsThe 9mm BCG is also a unique introduction because of a few features it offers. It has an integral gas key or extension; as a result, nothing needs to be staked down. This BCG also uses a Colt-style firing pin and extractor. It boasts even more utility by being Glock and Colt compatible. Finally, it is built from 8620 steel. At the moment, no MSRP has been stated and this BCG is not listed on the Faxon Firearms’ website yet.

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