CMC Drop-in GLOCK Trigger | SHOT 2017

    CMC GLOCK Trigger

    CMC GLOCK Trigger

    After teasing us on Facebook about their new product a week or so ago, it was nice to get a grubby trigger finger on the new GLOCK trigger from CMC Triggers at SHOT show Industry Day at the Range.

    The trigger is a very nice blend of what we have come to expect from CMC Triggers, with a flat profile with a lower projection that greatly resembles the prolific CMC AR-15 drop-in triggers. The trigger is fully CNC machined steel with a steel safety tab. The CMC GLOCK trigger utilizes all GLOCK OEM parts and springs for the rest of the trigger.

    Just like the popular CMC Triggers’ AR-15 triggers the CMC GLOCK trigger is a true drop-in design. CMC combines the steel trigger, trigger bar, spring and trigger housing to make a complete package. All the end user must do is drive out the two pins, remove the factory GLOCK trigger assembly and drop in the CMC trigger assembly.

    The CMC trigger when commbined with the factory GLOCK parts provides a markedly better trigger feel and trigger press while not compromising the GLOCK reliability the firearm has become synonymous with.

    CMC promises to start the shipping of GLOCK triggers in March 2017  To find out more about CMC Triggers visit

    CMC Triggers is in Booth 16324.

    CMC GLOCK Trigger CMC GLOCK Trigger CMC GLOCK Trigger CMC GLOCK Trigger

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