Century Arms C39v2 Red Army Standard | SHOT 2017

    Century Arms C39v2 Red Army Standard

    Century Arms C39v2 Red Army Standard

    The Century Arms C39v2 Red Army Standard is a 100% American-made AK. It has a standard 16.5-inch metric-threadded barrel with a prorietary Chevron compensator which directs gasses upwards to reduce recoil-induce barrel rise and help the shooter keep the sights on the target. The receiver is milled 4140 ordnance-quality steel and has standard AKM-style sights.

    The C39v2 Red Army Standard has a side scope mount similar to standard AK mounts except that this mount offers return-to-zero capability. This is a first for AK side scope mounts.

    It also has an RAK-1 enhanced trigger group and an extra-large T-shaped magazine release. The rifle accepts all standard AK mags.

    The walnut wood furniture is some of the best you will see offered standard on a stock AK.

    C39v2s are available in a number of additional configurations, including

    • MOE model with Magpul Original Equipment stock, pistol grip, and handgaurd.
    • Zhukov model with Zhukov stock and handguard and MOE pistol grip
    • SBR model with a 10.6-inch or 12.40-inch barrel and Zhukov stock
    • Pistol model with 10.6-inch barrel and no stock
    Shelby Murdoc

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