9mm Battle Comp And Comp For California Glocks | SHOT 2017

    Due to the surging popularity of pistol caliber carbines, Alan Normandy of Battle Comp is coming with a 9mm version of his Battle Comp. They will be available in 1/2×28, 1/2×36 and 13.5LH. They will retail for $165 like his other comps. No info just yet as to when they will be available.

    He is currently working with SilencerCo to make ASR compatible battle comps.

    Along with the 9mm Battle Comps, he is making a Glock barrel kit for states that do not allow threaded barrels. Such as California and New York. The kit will include a barrel, guide rod and the comp. The barrel is notched and you slide the comp over the barrel and pin it in place.


    No information just yet on price or availability. Check their website or their Facebook page for the latest information.

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