Yankee Hill Machine Adaptable Muzzle Brake | SHOT 2017

    Along with a few new suppressors Yankee Hill Machine also debuted a new customizable muzzle brake they’re calling the ‘Adaptable Brake Assembly’ at the 2017 SHOT Show. While adjustable and tunable muzzle brakes are nothing new, the new Yankee Hill Machine muzzle brake is a bit different in that it allows the user to change what caliber or barrel thread pattern they can use. The YHM Adaptable Brake Assembly uses the same front and rear caps as the Nitro 30 caliber suppressor which is also a very modular setup.

    You can change the front cap for use with either .22 or .30 caliber ammo and the rear cap can be swapped out for barrels with either 1/2”-28 threads or with 5/8”-24 threads. You can also use YHM’s Q.D. mount system which allows the user to quickly mount or dismount the muzzle brake when needed. If you’re already using the YHM Nitro 30 cal suppressor setup this might be a good option since it already uses a bunch of parts from that kit. The YHM brake is made out of 17 4 PH stainless steel with a melonite treatment, the brake weights in at 2.9 oz. They’re made in the USA and retail for $199 and are available now. Check out YHM.net for more info.


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