New Products At SIG Range Day 2017 | SHOT 2017

    This was my first year attending SIG’s Range Day. It was held at the Clark County Shooting Complex which is located in the northern outskirts of Las Vegas. It is a good hour drive from the Shot Show Range in Boulder City.

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    The entire range is setup for SIG Sauer. They have bays with almost every gun they make. There is a section restricted to only Law Enforcement and Military. Sadly that is where the select fire MPXs are. One day I will shoot one, just not this day.

    Related: SIG P320 Selected as new US Army Handgun.

    They were showing off their Legion line, P320 and 1911. They even had a section for their line air guns and accessories.

    Sig P938 with .22LR conversion kit. This is the long slide variant.

    Sig P225 with wood grips

    Sig P320 sporting the Romeo 1 and tall suppressor sights.

    MPXs and MCX.

    There was one gun in particular that my friend Jim, who came with me, told me about that had flown under my radar. It was the Sig P210.

    They had both the 5″ and 6″ versions of the P210.

    I shot the 6″ version and the trigger is astounding however I do have a critique about it. Once fired and I go to reset, I am accustomed to having some feedback in the trigger. Some triggers have a little bit of slack after the reset that needs to be taken back up. My preferred triggers do not. Once the slack is taken up there is usually some sort of resistance and feedback in the trigger. You can feel where any more movement of the trigger will break the shot. I was not able to feel this in the Sig P210 trigger. I would go to reset, gingerly pull the trigger back waiting to feel for some sort of resistance so I know where in the rearward travel the shot would break. But I am let down every time. I know many people say the shot should surprise you, but I prefer to know when my shot breaks especially in a trigger with more travel than I like.

    The Sig P210 is a target pistol that is a single stack 9mm. The grip is designed in a similar style to those competition target pistols. It almost feels like a custom molded grip.


    Just outside the main entrance to the range was a trailer with SIG products. I gravitated toward the optics and found some new products.


    Below is a new tactical red dot, RomeoGT. Similar in style to an Aimpoint Pro. You can see it has a solar panel. It is similar to the Romeo 4 with solar panel and can power the optic in bright sunlight.

    Below are the variations of the Romeo 4.  The most notable change is the Romeo4T on the left.

    The Romeo4s have a proprietary base and pattern to the base of the optic. The Romeo4T is using the Aimpoint T1 pattern. They change is to utilize a more robust mount that is made for tactical applications.

    The Romeo4T screws are close together like on an Aimpoint T1. The Romeo4 above it has the screws farther apart.


    Sig is also coming out with a pistol light and a low profile laser. The weapon light has three brightness levels that can me switched by pressing both buttons simultaneously and waiting for the brightness to change. It will go from 100 – 300 lumens and has three brightness settings. At 300 lumens, the light will stay on for 1 hour. The mode switching is a bit slow for my tastes. I was holding down the buttons and nothing happened the usual time frame that I am accustomed to with other lights that have a similar mode changing method. After what felt like ages, the light switched brightness.


    The last item that caught my eye was the P320 transparent frame. Unfortunately Sig does not plan on offering a transparent frame but it was there to show off the integrated green laser built into the frame.


    I wish I could have taken the Sig Range Day pillow home as a souvenir.

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