New M&P Branded AR Parts from Battenfeld Technologies

    Smith Wesson LPK

    Battenfeld Technologies was acquired by the American Outdoor Brands Company back when AOBC was still Smith & Wesson Holdings Company. AOBC owns Smith & Wesson, the firearms maker, so it is no surprise that Battenfeld would take advantage of the name recognition of the Smith & Wesson and M&P brands to market new gear.

    At the show, Battenfeld had on display several AR parts kits and flashlights all branded with the S&W and M&P names.

    For AR parts, the company is offering a full lower parts kit (LPK) that includes everything you need to build a stripped lower. Additionally, the company is offering a smaller LPK that does not include the fire control group or pistol grip. This allows you to save a few dollars on the LPK when you intend to drop in a nicer trigger from Geissele (or whoever) and a Magpul (or similar) grip.

    Smith Wesson lower parts kit

    To round out the AR building experience, the company is offering an upper parts kit that includes a forward assist assembly and dust cover. I would not be surprised to see the company offering other AR parts like a buffer tube assembly, hand guard and muzzle devices. Barrels are also a possibility, but I don’t know if there is enough margin in them considering the price points that Battenfeld seems to operate in.

    Richard Johnson

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