Metal Reinforced Feedlip Magazine For CZ Scorpion Evo 3

    Prepper Gunner and Manticore Arms collaborated together and are giving what the masses have been demanding for over a year. Metal reinforced feedlip magazine similar to a Lancer magazine like you see for the 5.56 AR mag and MPX magazines.

    It got leaked a few days early, so we might as well spill the beans: Manticore Arms has developed a magazine for the Scorpion EVO!

    Developed for Prepper Gun Shop by Manticore Arms, the PGS Hybrid magazine for Scorpion EVO features heat treated feed lips and a polymer body. The magazine is 100% made in the USA and counts as three parts for 922r compliance. Available in Clear and Smoke Tint the magazine has a 32 round capacity and has round count markings molded into the body. MSRP is $29.95 and they will be available for purchase at Prepper Gun Shop and their distributors starting in Late February/Early March of 2017.

    Come to the CZ USA Shot Show booth to see the magazines in person!

    Manticore Arms

    While I have not personally experienced issues with my CZ Scorpion Evo mags, I know people have had cracked feedlips. To me, it is like the apex seals on my 3rd Gen FD3S RX7. Many people say they go bad. But I have not experienced it. The problem is many other people see that and it stops them from buying an RX7 or a CZ Scorpion. They don’t get to enjoy them. The Scorpion Mag issue is a minor one. The magazines are inexpensive and easily replaced. Better yet, CZ-USA has been open about replacing bad ones free of charge.

    Hopefully these will not have issues and give people peace of mind.

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