Go Tacticool with Garand Molle Pouches

    Back in 2012, we mentioned a small outfit, Olongapo Outfitters, which was offering some unique wares for the day, molle compatible Garand clip pouches. Since then, they’ve done a bit of expansion, building up their retro-focused nylon empire to ensure that they are ready for when California inevitably bans any magazine-fed firearm. Per Olongapo:

    “I have always believed that the M1 Garand is really not obsolete–it can still be a viable battle rifle. Because of this, I always felt that the old girl needed modern gear. It’s the whole reason I started making gear.”

    And make gear he has. From the first molle compatible pouches, offerings have expanded to include stock pouches, belt pouches, cartridge belt, a “Grab and Go” (think easy access bandolier), and a full-blown Garand specific chest rig.

    CB_gar_cr_1_iosd-4t (1)

    The chest rig is particularly interesting with a double-stack of pouches, giving the nostalgic operator 8 clips built-in. I am sure GI’s in WWII would have been thrilled to have that piece of gear over the old webgear.

    For all options, Olongapo Outfitters has the usual gamut of tactical colors including Coyote Brown, Coyote Tan, MARPAT,  Multicam, and OD Green. MARPAT and Multicam usually have a few dollar surcharge to cover the costs of genuine materials. Construction is of 1000D Cordura and everything is reinforced to ensure the Garand can serve well into the next century.


    Outside of the Garand, Olongapo has modern offerings for the M1 Carbine. They do not forget modern platforms too with other “Grab & Go” nylon for the AR, AK, 9mm, and .308 platforms.

    Check them out here. 


    Nathan S

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