Just about two months ago I wrote about FULL CONCEAL, a Las Vegas-based company designing 80% GLOCK lowers – with a slight twist. In that that post, I took an admittedly “harsh but fair” stance on their ideas concerning spare magazine placement on the light rail of a pistol. As it turns out, the FULL CONCEAL team is here at the 2017 SHOT Show and I was lucky enough to grab them for a few minutes and talk about the newest versions of their frames.

    And no, they didn’t punch me in the face; Micheal and crew were perfectly pleasant to speak with.

    The original Model 1 (M1) design has been updated to include a seven round mini-magazine that allows the gun to be ready to fire with a rack of the slide (the specs say that you can carry a round in chamber). Also, the magazine carrier now includes a tension screw to hold the spare magazine in place.

    The new Model 2 (M2) is a more advanced version that includes a frame and a unique extended magazine attachment. In storage mode, the magazine attachment couples to the light rail in a similar form to the M1. However, the M2 is made ready by removing the whole forward assembly and inserting it into the magazine well.

    The M2 obviously requires some additional features to accommodate the full sized magazine. First, the current design calls for a folding trigger that pulls up and out of the way. Second, the grip has a milled out section to allow for the top of the magazine in storage mode.

    Whereas the folding trigger makes me a bit uneasy, the M2’s design is quite innovative and makes for a very compact carry package. As I stated in my initial post, I appreciate the vision it takes to make a pistol so vastly different from anything else on the market.

    Will I buy one? To be determined, but I am looking forward to their production versions. Maybe TFB will end up getting a review gun.

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    Don’t Compromise

    Concealed carry has always been a compromise of something – short sight radius, ammo capacity, caliber firepower, comfort, imprint, size…etc.    

    The T1 Mod Kit is our front magazine holder to allow you to take your favorite full sized pistol and turn it into a practical concealment option and NOT compromise!

    The T2 is a lower receiver conversion for your favorite pistol, that allows you to store a high capacity magazine (ie – 20 rounds of 9mm) completely flush with the front of the pistol and can be ready in a few seconds so you can throw down a wall of lead. 

    We just want you to carry as much firepower as you can, in a way that is very comfortable for daily activity, and give you full concealment no matter how you hide it.   Is that too much to ask?

    Full Conceal

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