Defiance DMK22 | SHOT 2017

    KRISS ARMS sister company, Defiance is bringing out a .22LR AR15. One very interesting feature is that it uses 10-22 barrels. There is a small catch. It is not compatible with Bentz chambered barrels. It has to do with how the DMK chambers its rounds.

    The DMK22 line of rifles are designed with Mil Spec trigger, buffer tube and chargning handle. They do recommend that you check your preferred trigger for compatibility. The upper receiver has the correct threads so you can change the handguard to any AR15 handguard you desire.

    Below you can see the bolt catch. Defiance is making their own magazines and they will actuate the bolt stop on last round fired. While they are only making 5 and 10 round magazines to start with, you can use black dog magazines or any other AR-15 .22LR magazines.


    Below is the bolt for the DMK22. The forward assist is functioning on the upper receiver.

    The DMK22 rifles will come kitted out with Defiance’s line of accessories such as stocks, grips, rails and BUIS.

    Here are their BUIS.

    The rear sight aperture is designed to fold without interfering with the receiver no matter which aperture is flipped up.


    On top of Defiance’s own DMK22 rifles, they will also offer a LVOA style DMK. The LVOA DMK will have a licensed LVOA handguard however it has been designed to not work on a real AR15. The top of the rail is blocked off so you cannot use a gas tube.


    One issue is that this is not a true LVOA. It does not have the Warsport markings. I hope it will be a true licensed replica and have the LVOA markings on the lower.



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