Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 Red Dot on the Range | SHOT 2017

    The Razor AMG UH-1 was easy to acquire a sight picture.

    The Razor AMG UH-1 was easy to acquire a sight picture.

    Vortex Razor AMG UH-1

    The new Vortex Razor® AMG™ UH-1™ was on the range at Industry Day. Pete provided a good introduction to this new Vortex optic here. The AMG UH-1 comes in a slender but tall box configuration with square optical lenses. The lenses have Armor-Tek coatings for scratch resistance and are multi-coated to block sunlight while providing a very clear image. The interior chamber of the optic is Argon gas purged. Vortex uses FHQ™ Technology to block light from escaping the AMG UH-1, and preventing eyepiece glare for the best outcome in low-light conditions.

    Vortex designed the AMG UH-1 for absolute zero distortion during single shot or rapid fire situations. Though I was only firing a semi-auto AR-15 while testing the AMG UH-1, I observed absolutely no distortion or movement of the reticle. This feature is combined with Vortex’s innovative Fusion Hologram, that provides a clear reticle in a variety of lighting conditions for a positive shooting experience. The AMG UH-1 has (15) lighting level options for the reticle giving the shooter a wide range of options to satisfy the conditions met in the field.

    The AMG UH-1 reticle worked great.

    The AMG UH-1 reticle worked great.

    The larger sight picture through the shatterproof XR plus lenses is a nice feature in my opinion. The squared lenses and semi cross-haired reticle, can provide natural reference points when aiming. The holographic reticle has a (1) MOA center dot, surrounded by a larger circle. There are hash marks at the 9:00, 12:00, and 3:00 positions for additional sighting reference, and finally a small triangle in the 6:00 opening that is specifically designed to be a CQB sighting reference to account for bore-to-sight off-set at ranges 7 yards and in. The Razor AMG UH-1 is designed to have a lower 1/3 co-witness with standard iron sights.

    Vortex has moved all the electronic components for the holographic sight into an enclosed and integrated base. The company calls this “Quantum Well Technology,” and they believe this could “revolutionize” the red dot industry. By moving the components downward into a protected base, the company believes they can produce superior holographic images while removing exterior protective hoods.

    Reacquisition of targets was fast note recently ejected brass).

    Reacquisition of targets was fast (note recently ejected brass).

    Vortex had a steel target with head popper set up around 25 yards. Using the Razor AMG UH-1 I was easily able to engage the popper and flip the target from side to side. The squared lenses and hash marked outer circle helped draw my eyes onto target.

    A micro USB port on the right, rear side allows rechargeable batteries.

    A micro USB port on the right, rear side allows rechargeable batteries.

    Razor AMG UH-1 Features

    • Fully multi-coated lenses
    • Argon gas purged
    • FHQ™ Technology
    • (1) MOA center dot
    • NV compatible
    • Parallax free with unlimited eye relief
    • Shock-proof and 80-foot waterproof
    • Armor-Tek exterior coating
    • Rear facing controls
    • QD-attachment on integrated mount
    • Micro USB recharging port
    • Easy side battery compartment access
    • Auto shut-off after 14-hours.
    The Razor AMG UH-1 is larger than some options.

    The Razor AMG UH-1 is larger than some options.

    Razor AMG UH-1 Specifications

    • Height: Not listed (approx. 2.25 – 2.5 inches)
    • Length: 3.5 inches
    • Weight: 11.8 ounces
    • Center Dot: (1) MOA
    • Levels of Illumination: 15
    • Levels of Adjustment: 0.5 MOA per click
    • 100 MOA adjustment
    • MSRP: $700.00 (520 pounds).

    Overall my first impressions with the Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 are positive. The glass was very clear and draws in ample light for target identification. Rear-facing controls made lighting adjustments easy while still maintaining a solid position on the rifle. The battery life is very good, and the CR123A battery selection matches many of the optics and flashlights on the market today. This makes it easier for the shooter to carry one style of batteries to satisfy multiple needs. MSRP is a little bit high, but it is quite likely that prices in the market will drop the Razor AMG UH-1 to around $500-550.

    Aaron is a life-long firearm enthusiast and hunter. He has been a police officer for nearly 19 years, and currently is a Sergeant in Special Operations. He has served on the department’s SWAT Team for 14 years, with 8 years as the Sniper Team Leader. When not fussing over fractions of inches, and gut-less wonders, he can usually be found sipping from a ridiculously large coffee mug. Aaron is also the editor and main writer at BlueSheepDog.com.