New GMR-15 9 mm Carbine from JP Enterprises |Shot 2017

    Let’s face it, shooting 9 mm pistol rounds out of a rifle or carbine is a lot of fun.

    Competition wise, the PPC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) division seem to grow momentum, and it’s easy to understand why.

    The ammunition is almost half the price versus a “real” rifle in .223 / 5,56 caliber, and there’s virtually no muzzle blast. A carbine in a pistol caliber can work as a good entrance to practical shooting.

    JP Enterprises have always made really good competition firearms, and the GMRs are known to be very reliable.

    Some other options would be an AR based platform, a CZ EVO, a SIG MPX or go classic with a HK MP5 clone.

    There’s no price yet, but the “old” GMR-13 Rifle is currently priced from 1 499 USD.

    From JP Enterprises:

    Hugo, MN – JP Enterprises announces the release of the GMR-15, an updated version of their industry-leading 9mm carbine the GMR-13. It’s loaded with innovative features that elevate the pistol caliber carbine platform.

    First, they started with a ground-up revision of the lower receiver. It features last-round lockback and a streamlined look.  An upgraded mag release offers better leverage and an improved feel.  JP also flared the magwell more than on the GMR-13 for easier reloads.

    They also designed a new, dedicated 9mm upper receiver with dual-charge handles that’s much lighter and sleeker than the PSC-11 which was used on the dual-charge version of the GMR-13.  This upper comes with a choice of brass deflectors, including a larger-profile version for left-handed shooters.

    Customers can buy complete GMR-15 rifles that are fully customizable in JP’s online Rifle Builder. Complete rifles offer the choice of three uppers, the dedicated 9mm upper, the JP-15 forged upper or the CTR-02 top-charge billet upper. For speedier delivery, JP Enterprises will offer two GMR-15 Ready Rifles: a 14.5″ pin-and-weld and an SBR.

    JP hasn’t forgotten the home builder either. Upper and lower receiver kits that include all the proprietary components will be available for purchase.

    “We have an impeccable track record for 9mm PCC function,” stated JP Enterprises founder John Paul. “Reliability is paramount for all firearms, especially those used for military, law enforcement, self-defense, or competition. The GMR-15 will continue our reputation as “the ones that work” in the PCC market.”


    This is a picture of two “Ready Rifle” configurations, with the standard forged upper. Pin-wleded 14.5″ and a SBR. Note the lower.


    SBR version. TBIQ1655QWTP9ufjH-00cm93sq0baCZeRiJrf9dx5a21XCMoGwVOcL5Y8EzR6huHKSoM1-TjQzPO6sfTDPVB7H69br5LYS2EdvwC=w2560-h1477


    The JP Enterprises Rifle Builder is a nice tool, and helped me quite a lot when I specified one of my rifles a few years ago.

    For people lucky enough to be at SHOT Show, you can lay your hands on the GMR-15 at booth #8103.

    Eric B

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