Blackhawk! Suppressors | SHOT 2017

    Blackhawk was at Range Day showing off their entire suppressor line. They pretty much have a can for .22lr – .338 Lapua and everything in between.

    Their .22LR Pulse is rated at 113DB in a rifle and 117DB in a handgun using standard velocity rounds. It is the narrow can at the top of the picture below.


    The 9mm Mini Boss is a short fat 9mm suppressor but it is rated for .300 Blk Super Sonic loads.


    The Carnivore .300 Win Mag suppressor only weighs 9.6 oz and it is only 1.4 inches in diameter.


    Blackhawk! also makes a 7.62 QD suppressor that is full auto rated.

    They have a .45acp can but it is longer than a typical .45acp suppressor. They went with a narrower diameter so to make up the difference in volume they made the suppressor longer.




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