BREAKING: Cali DOJ Releases Personal Information Of ALL Firearms Trainers To Unknown Party

    Our reader Tom emailed me after he had been notified by the state of California that his personal information had been compromised as a result of a California Public Records Act. Based on the limited information that we have at this time, it appears that names, the instructor’s date of birth, the instructor California driver’s license number and/or their California ID card number.

    When Tom reached out to the CA DOJ he was informed that the entire list of firearms trainers in California had been released in the public records act request. The state of California is sending letters to those affected with the promise of 12 months or identity protection, but if you are a CA firearms instructor and haven’t seen a letter, might bee a good idea to call the DOJ to see if you were affected.

    I am not going to get into the politics of California when it pertains to gun owners, even though it makes me so angry that I want to club a baby seal or two. The invasion of privacy, on the other hand, is nothing short of angering. I really feel for all of you shooters that live in a restrictive state, I couldn’t imagine what it is like.

    We will be updating this post as we learn more about the data breach and those affected.

    The notice sent out to the firearms instructors is below: